May 3rd, 2013
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Hawaii Energy Workshops: Efficiency Sales Profesional Institute

Aloha Members, Friends, and Colleagues 

Hawaii Energy, the energy conservation and efficiency program for Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties, is excited to bring Mark Jewell of the Efficiency Sales Professional Institute back to the islands for the following fantastic workshops. Whether you are a commercial property that wants to attract/retain tenants, an architect designing energy efficient buildings, a manufacturer or vendor of efficiency technologies that wants to get more proposed projects approved,  a business trying to become more profitable by reducing your energy expenses, or a hotel that wants to be more competitive, we have the perfect workshop for you! 

Using Efficiency to Build Your Business 
(May 16 – Honolulu, May 20 – Kona)

Emphasizing how your products or services could enhance your customers’ energy efficiency is a proven path to higher revenues and profits.  The following two sessions will help manufacturers, distributors, contractors and consultants leverage energy efficiency to grow their businesses.

  • Finding Your Focus –  AM Session

 What are you really selling?  Who are your most promising targets?  Learn how to answer these questions by “connecting the dots” between what your offerings provide and segment-specific benefits that your prospects actually value, as well as account development strategies to build your revenues, market shares, and profits. Register.

  • Getting Energy Projects Approved –  PM Session 
    This workshop will teach you how to find right decision-makers and how to capture their attention - important first steps in getting your efficiency projects approved.  You’ll also learn how to reframe discussions away from simple payback period to financial metrics that really matter and how to overcome myths that often delay or prevent projects from moving forward. Register. 

Boosting Your Competitiveness, Profitability and Value with Efficiency 
(May 17 – Honolulu, May 21 – Kona) 
Energy efficiency’s potential for making business owners, building owners and managers more competitive, profitable and valuable is often understated because the discussion is too narrowly focused on first cost, utility savings and rebates.  A discussion that incorporates financial benefits beyond utility savings as well as non-financial benefits is not only more interesting, but also more likely to result in a project approval.

  • Taking Control of Your Energy Use –  AM Session 
    Before you can take control of your energy use effectively, you need to answer two questions: “Why?” and “How”?  Why should your organization embrace energy efficiency?  (Hint:  It’s not just about reducing your utility bill.) How much can you expect to accomplish with behavioral and no-cost/low-cost measures? These and many other questions will be asked and answered, providing you with a road map for taking control of your energy use. Register.
  • Making Efficiency Happen  –  PM Session 
    Your ability to “make efficiency happen” is directly related to your ability to get decision-makers excited enough about the potential benefits to invest the time and resources necessary to make a change.  Which measures have been identified?  What utility-cost-financial, non-utility-cost financial and non-financial benefits would those measures provide?  Have the benefits been reframed so that they can be measured by the yardsticks your organization already uses to gauge its success? Have you identified all of the potential “free money” to help pay for the project? This session will offer answers to these questions (and many more like them) because they hold the key to making efficiency happen. Register. 

Course Fees: $20 to attend either the morning or afternoon session, or $40 to attend both sessions.  Hawaii Energy is subsidizing the cost of these workshops for residents of Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties. Residents of other counties must pay the unsubsidized workshop fee of $200 per half-day workshop.

 Questions? Contact the Efficiency Sales Professional Institute at [email protected] or 808-333-7225.


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