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The Voice of Green Business in Hawaii 
The Sustainability Association of Hawaii's three-pronged approach to Educate, Advocate & Promote will frame all of our activities, events, and programming  moving forward.
Hosting the Sustainable Business Track @ DBEDT’s Build & Buy Green Conference & Expo
In April 2012, SAH is will introduce a new track to DBEDT’s Annual Build & Buy Green Conference and Expo. SAH will provide fresh content that leverages sustainability expertise from across the islands—with the goal to grow green business literacy and practice in Hawaii.  This year’s Sustainable Business Track objectives are to: 
  • Outline the current state of Hawaii’s green economy;
  • Provide the fundamentals of sustainable business education;
  • Bridge the Hawaii context to national trends and best practices;
  • Further our mission to help others envision a thriving local economy for Hawaii. 
B2B Networking
A goal of SAH is to network Hawaii’s many great green service and product providers with businesses that may not have the tools they need to create a more sustainable business. By connecting Hawaii's green and non-green businesses we hope to help both succeed by increasing sustainable business practices while expanding the sustainable business sectors in Hawaii. 

Partnering with the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) 
SAH has partnered with the collaborative platform of the ASBC to advance public policies that ensure a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy—ensuring that Hawaii is well informed and represented nationally.  ASBC works by communicating to businesses, policy makers, and the media. It provides a platform that enables our Partners to engage their members in the public debate. SAH has partnered with the ASBC because we share the belief that government should empower the engines of our economy—businesses and social enterprises—to be the agents of recovery and revitalization. By removing obstacles, creating incentives, providing support, and partnering, government can help create an enabling environment in which restorative, equitable, and sustainable economic models can thrive. This approach unleashes the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation across all sectors and disciplines to confront and solve America's economic, social, and environmental problems.
In 2011, SAH worked with the Hawaii State Legislature to pass Senate Bill 298 was into law as Act 209 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. This act allows Hawaii businesses to operate in a new type of corporate structure: the sustainable business corporation (SBC). SBC’s formally declare in their articles of incorporation that they exist and operate for the benefit of both owners and other stakeholders such as the community, employees, customers, and the local and global environment. SBC’s measure themselves against environmental, social, and governance standards of a third party organization and they must issue an annual report indicating the benefits the company provides to its stakeholders. The SBC designation is voluntary and there is no regulatory enforcement of the law's provisions. Hawaii one of seven state in the union to pass such legislation to formally acknowledge the triple bottom line. 

SAH will be awarding a local businesses each year with the Sustainability Association of Hawaii Business of the Year Award - 2012 award to knowledge honor local businesses leading the way in the areas of sustainability policies and best practices, outstanding community involvement, employee relations, and overall environmental stewardship. 

Programming in Development....
Hawaii Sustainable Business Directory 
SAH is working to track verified green practices of businesses and professionals across the State of Hawaii to produce a meaningful directory for the community. Such a directory would help to eliminate unsubstantiated claims of sustainability efforts, often called green washing, that mislead and confuse consumers.  Through formally acknowledging the many possible levels sustainable business practices, businesses at all stages of their sustainability development can be recognized by the community.  The goal is to increase demand for green practices, which will in turn encourage more business to embrace sustainability. Another goal of the directory will be to recognize local green professionals as part of our directory such that all sectors will have a one-stop-shop for fulfilling their green service and product needs. SAH is here to ensure that businesses and organizations pursuing sustainability have direct access to a network of highly talented green professionals who can help them in all levels and areas of growing their green practices.

Other SAH Projects include
  • A public green businesses directory of all SAH members and partner organizations
  • A public resource matrix of green organizations and programs in Hawaii
  • Collaborative member advertising under the SAH banner
  • Businesses that have received accreditation in qualifying programs may use the SAH logo and decal in their marketing
Please contact [email protected] to get involved!
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