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Sustainability Association of Hawaii Business of the Year Award - 2012

In honor of local Hawai'i businesses leading the way in the areas of sustainability policies and best practices, outstanding community involvement, employee relations, and overall environmental stewardship, the Sustainability Association of Hawaii is proud to announce the Sustainability Association of Hawaii Business of the Year Award - 2012.

The winner, Sustainable Island Products, was announced at the SAH Official Launch Celebration on April 3 at the Honolulu Green Drinks, immediately following the 2012 Hawaii Build and Buy Green Conference & Expo.

Founded in 2007, Sustainable Island Products is a full scale and first-to-market distribution business specializing in the sale of planet and people friendly food service and janitorial supplies on both the Big Island & Maui. These products are manufactured from biodegradable and compostable materials, and include cold cups and deli containers, hot cups and soup containers, cutlery, plates, clamshells, tissue wraps, basket liners, napkins, paper towels, toiletries, office paper, and green janitorial supplies. With zero-waste warehousing, carbon offset & clean idle certified vehicles, a comprehensive and completely green product line, living wages for employees, and numerous sponsorships and facilitations of sustainable events in Hawaii, the company has helped set a precedent for social & environmental stewardship by the private sector.  The business has embodied the triple-bottom-line since its inception, demonstrating financial viability while adhering to sustainable business practices that benefit the public interests and those of the living environment as a top priority. It produces educational information about green business standards, environmental and recycling news, illustrating the power of business to inform and motivate the public to embrace sustainability. In 2011, Sustainable Island Products also received a Hawaii Green Business Office and Government award from Governor Neil Abercrombie for its commitment to sustainable practices. The company is owned and operated by Jesse Law, who has degrees in green build and a background in sustainability-oriented government policy.
For more information about the company, click the logo below.

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